#LOL# #애니# League of Legends Cinematic: A Twist of Fate

리그오브레전드 애니 멋진 영상 멋지고 화려한 모습들
리그오브레전드 애니 정말 멋지고 너무나도 화려한 플레이
리그오브레전드 애니 화려하고 멋진 영상들 같이보실까요?

리그오브레전드 애니 공략영상부터
리그오브레전드 애니 매드무비까지
리그오브레전드 애니영상보고 기분좋은 하루 보내도록하세요

리그오브레전드 애니지금시작합니다

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  1. Ryze killed nocturne(zed in the future)

  2. Is this the trailer for the chMpion?

  3. Michael Jackson song Annie are you okay? Tell us your okay?

  4. Annie! My love <3 She is so beatiful and sexy :3

  5. report tibbers for not standing on 2 feet

  6. Fiddlesticks needs more animations

  7. Wow annie uninstall wasted ult & started baron gg guys.

  8. Why doesn't Blizzard make their own animated movies?! The animation for this and OverWatch Short animations is stunning!

  9. Nocturne 😛 fucking amazing

  10. Tryndamere looks like Hades from god of war

  11. Why you watse your tibber when you dont even have stun?

  12. Do you think League of Legends might rework Baron Nashor?

  13. game is outdated guys plsdont paly it anymore. since riot sold it to japan sh it . you get banned for not playing meta and instantly permaban. all new patches sux too

  14. Can any one tell me what is the name of the man with red eyes

  15. 4:25 fucking trynd wastes his ult even before fighting baron

  16. Baron Nashor always ruining things.

  17. I miss when he was op as fuqqq

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